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Your commaiv trip ARCADIA. The mos 

sophisticated space technology eve. 

your control, including the mind sha:- 

drive, and the awesome pov. 

guni vou the most powerful individu.:; 

e quarters A ■ 
The . -. steaddy and \aex 

exte: empire quiet. mg small* 

vulnerable pi . position ::se 

power, and poison to makfl •") bid to enslave the entire 

The only force capable of repel] arcs 

is under your command ' " rship ARCADIA. E - 
fibre of your body quivers with tension as you pre 
to repel the initial thrust of the Atarian battle :. 
been specially equipped with dual Plasma D 
guns and an Ion Thrust Drive in order to combat the 

• onace of me many alien races : a ian 

Empire":- : n as commander of the A? $, 

quite sirr.{ " •"•stroy as many -aemyas' 

possible. Intelligence reports indicate that t'r. 
fleets will attack in formation ar.d are often quiK 

iixmethod .viii attack the ARCADIA in waves 

each wave la;'. od of time before 

off the attack. If you manage :c destroy the enure fleet 

s time anothe: ru.Ifan . 

race fails to destroy the ARCADIA during this penoda 

renl rare will resume the anack 

Please lurr. over 

THE STATUS LINES The top row shows fiom left ro 
• The number of spaceships available to you. The 
-st score so fat The second status hue shows from 
nght; The time left before the end of the current 
attack wave The number of alien levels you have 
. red The score so far. You start with six lives and 
an extra one every time you survive 4 attack levels 
SCORES The score for each alien destroyed 
rumber of the current level 

number of keys which may he used You should 
choose the combination with which you feel most 

LEFT The keys to move left are all on the lowest 

a Beginning with SHIFT every a] I 
keyi Li e SHUT. X.V.N. etc 

RIGHT The remaining keys on the bottom row may be 

Dove right, Le. Z, C, B, M, etc 
THRUST Any of the keys on the second row starting at 
A may be used to move upwards. 
FI RE Any of the keys on the second row may be used to 

/our disruptor bolts, i.e. Q. W. E. R. T, etc 
if you have joysticks available you may plug them onto 

■annector on the right side of computer. Any 
standard switch type will work including the ATARI 
cnes. When using the joystick pushing left or right will 
move the spaceship m that direction Push forward for 
thrust The fire button will fire the Plasma Distributors 
You may also press the burton when the screen says 
"PRESS ANY KEY" ARCADIA is just one of a range of 
exciting and or iginal games for your VIC 20 Please see 
the IMAGINE advertisements in a recent computer 
magazine for further details 

LOADING Connect the cassette recorder to your 
VIC- 20 and switch the computer on Place the cassette 
into your tape recorder with the printed side facing 
wind the tape to the beginning. There is 
only one way to load ARCADIA Whilst holding down 

B -s press tte /.e7 milked 
•RUM/STOP Tb« messags PRESSP:.V -\TBPE* 
should appea: • be 9aeea.Press "PUWon ihe 
cassette n should p i i - ivorri 

"SEA FOQdOBOl neasaga svttch 

tei an I *rj tgeii Eflo <~ ■ - 1 m ssfal 
ssage will appear oi. tae scr res 

Theptocessiserit navcfrant'theie on SMwge 

cha-actcrsTriilau}.- ISftBf abQOla 

r.'rC ADM v»c-rliL:itieioS.-Lr.expaiide.i . 

tnag no xtesioiy expat - 
tie standard Commodore cass te • <ier.